The Artworks of Phyllis Kluger
Verdantissimus, Envoy From The Green Galaxy


Meet three-dimensional Verdantissimus, high-level (and high-spirited – catch his jaunty pose) envoy from the zillion-light-years-away Green Galaxy, being beamed home from his mission to determine if Planet Earth would be a suitable site for the future colonization of his chlorophyllicious species.  Despite the welcome Verdy was given as a temporary addition to Earth’s “Rainbow Coalition” and his approval of our “Spare the Air” days and tougher auto-emission standards, he was forced to conclude that the vaporous contaminants enveloping Third Rock from the Sun would prove fatally toxic to even the developmentally advanced lungs of his fellow Green Galaxions, so he’s shown wishing us suicidally polluting creatures a bittersweet sayonara from outer space.

Former Latin students will recognize that Verdy’s name means “extremely green” in that ancient tongue, thought to be still in use among extraterrestrials.
78 inches X 30 inches, hand pieced, knitted & quilted, appliqué, machine-stitched, embellished