The Artworks of Phyllis Kluger
Aggression Urn


Although Webster’s Dictionary gives the adjective “Grecian” the sound of the long “e” as in “Greek,” the word is often pronounced with a short “e” as in “Greco-Roman.”  The short “e” pronunciation inspired this quilt – not “A Grecian Urn” but “Aggression Urn,” on which the fiber artist takes liberties to render scenes of the mindless horrors of mortal combat, from the battle between Hercules and the Nemean Lion to the Battle of Isis in 333 B.C. (in which Alexander the Great defeated Darius II of Persia) to Picasso’s Guernica.  X-rated for a little frontal nudity, which was often, history tells us, standard dress for warfare in antiquity.
49 X 34 inches, hand pieced & quilted, appliqué, embroidery, embellished